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Body Composition (BIA)

Full Body 3D Scan

3D Functional Movement Scan (Moovment)

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My Mind Voyage

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Soccer5s, 29 Brindley Street, Dandenong South, Victoria, 3175

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PGA House, Sandhurst Club, Clubhouse Lane, Sandhurst, Victoria 3877

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School Wellness

Programs , services and expertise dedicated to school student and teacher development and well-being around physical literacy in action.  DOWNLOAD PDF

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Personal Wellness Tracking

Access to professional blogs, videos, instructions and your secure
personal data locker to track your workout or sport specific
development over three member levels.

Movement library

Over 1,000 movement videos and protocols
$9.95 (AUD) per month or free
for Silver and Gold members

SportsED TV CHannel

Professional sports coaching lessons
from $0.94 (AUD) per week or free
for Silver and Gold members

Move123 channel

100 awesome function and
fitness sessions
$9.95 (AUD) per month