Professional Testing Services

“If the data is not assured, an optimal result cannot be secured”

Do you take testing and tracking seriously?

Exclusively assessing with Validity Consistency Reliability

Physical Services

Fitness & Sport Performance Testing

Range of protocols to assess fitness and sport performance

3D Full Body Scan

Anthropometry body measurements and posture

Functional Movement Screening

3D and objective assessments of movement, posture and ROM

Concussion & Cognition Tracking

Ocular and cognitive scanning and tracking tests

Body Composition

Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) assessment

Strength & Power Assessments

From grip to lift strength plus power of isolated muscles

All testing and assessment services are quality assured and guaranteed under GPTQA accredited conditions

+ Assessments provided
+ People positively supported
Countries serviced



Staff and student physical literacy
Resources and professional services in validated processes that meet guidelines of Australian curriculum and global developments
  • Physical testing and assessment
  • Talent identification and development
  • Physical literacy education
  • Mental wellness solutions
  • Connection to allied health and intervention
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Aligning data to maths, science and curriculum objectives

Sporting Clubs

Coach strategy, participation engagement and talent development
Resources and professional services that engage coaches and athletes around holistic well-being, development and active living
  • Sport specific fitness and technical assessment
  • Draft combines for talent identification
  • Baselining athletes for future development
  • Cognition & Concussion Screening
  • Collaboration for injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Mindfulness and sociology tracking
  • Data integration for scouting and developmental change


Staff physical and mental well-being
End-to-end solution for workplace and corporate staff well-being and efficient workplace solutions
  • Daily Wellness Trackers
  • Physical assessment services for function and mindfulness
  • Making workplaces for efficient and effective
  • Reduce injury and absenteeism
  • Increasing productivity
  • Individualised packages from shop floor to board room
  • Professional team of allied health clinicians with digital health


Graham Dudley

Founder & COO

Dennis Holland

CEO Australia

Jaymee Dudley BSc

Operations Manager

Deanna Niceski MCEP, AES, AEP

Exercise Physiologist

Michelle Hemley

Physical Literacy Consultant

Liz Mulconry

National Curruculum Consultant

Global Wellness Tracking has experience of supporting projects around the globe with physical services expanding internationally.  We have already fulfilled clients with physical and virtual accredited testing and assessment in the US, UK, Canada, India, New Zealand, Oceania and Australia with the capability to scale.  No project is out of our reach.

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