The crime is in distributing copyrighted material that you do not have any rights to. This means that I do not need to worry about if Hulu, Funimation, or whatever streaming service I am using is complying with the law and obtained the rights to stream their content. On the other hand, things like Spotify show that overwhelmingly, people would rather pay for awesome convenience vs even the minimal effort of something like Popcorn Time. It’s been the same story for decades now, from ftp dumps and warez channels to Usenet and torents to rapidshare and magnet links, they’ll never succeed in stamping out piracy. Therefore, this event in the Netherlands is the first time that Google removes a search result related to piracy. Open season, it seems that Google has begun to remove websites from its results that have been blocked by operators.

This is the simplest option as involves only deleting the hypertext transfer protocol and the World Wide Web and inserting the word “repeat” immediately after “Youtube”. This guide will show you three methods on how to put a YouTube video on loop easily on your laptop, iPhone or desktop. And how to loop a video differs from one device to another. Moreover, there are many different types you play over and over again; a favorite sermon, yoga tutorials, a motivational speech, and the list is endless.

Dealing with log4shell aka CVE-2021-44228 aka the log4j version 2

Jenkins will no longer inform about available updates without a connection to update sites. We recommend the use of a local mirror of our update sites, or a self-hosted update center like Juseppe in these situations. Prevent calls to Jenkins#save persisting data before we have finished loading the in-memory model. This prevents possible corruption of the main Jenkins configuration.


However, please do not forget that your ISP will charge you for data usage depending on how much anime you have streamed within a given time frame. If you want to start watching anime for free today, then follow these simple steps on How to Install Gogoanime APK. The need to loop videos on TV arises in several situations like commercial advertisements, trade shows, presentations, and more. So if you too are looking for ways to repeat videos on your Samsung, LG, Apple, Sharp, and other TV sets, the article below will help you with the best solutions. The loop feature is handy when you want to play a video in a loop. However, you can also use the feature to loop playlists on YouTube. This article will cover how to enable and disable the loop feature.


Line 54 is where the Serializable interface’s readObject() method is invoked, without verifying the object type or restricting deserialization to only certain types of objects. As a result, an attacker who is able to send malicious payload to the vulnerable Log4j 1.x version can trigger arbitrary code execution. The vulnerability is rated as a critical 9.8 severity and it is always a remote code execution which would permit attackers to execute arbitrary code on the machine and compromise the entire host. Java versions equal or greater than Java 15 would not be susceptible to remote code execution, since remove the Nashorn engine is disabled and the “script” prefix would not be available.

Over the years, Adrian’s passion for technology has grown. He has built multiple gaming PCs by hand, and equipped his home with a variety of smart devices.

According tow3tech, WordPress is used by approximately30%of all websites. This wide adoption makes it an interesting target for cyber criminals. At the time of writing no patch preventing the vulnerability described in this post is available. Any WordPress version, including the current4.9.6version, is susceptible to the vulnerability described in this blogpost. Chainsaw v2 is a supporting application for Log4j written by members of the Log4j development community. It is a GUI-based log viewer that can read log files in Log4j’s XMLLayout format. Since JDBCAppender in Log4j 1.2.x accepts SQL statements as configuration parameters, PatternLayout’s message converter does not filter the values ​​entered in it.