3D Functional Movement Scan MIND


3D functional movement scan

Ideal for those suffering pain in movement, on rehabilitation, for injury prevention and as part of a long-term wellness program.


The Cottage Medical Centre

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Soccer5s Facility
29 Brindley Street
Dandenong South
Victoria 3175

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3D Functional Movement Scan

MoovmentScan takes approximately 6-8 minutes and is non-intrusive.  6 simple movement patterns are recorded with the very latest 3D camera allowing reliable and accurate assessment of your functional movement for prehab, rehab and general physical management.

This scan will provide you with the following results:

  • 3D visualisation of your functional movement
  • Detailed report of limitation, patterns and agility in posture and balance
  • Surveys on pain and discomfort
  • Resources for corrective application
  • Ideal for injury prevention, rehabilitation and overall wellness

An example of a 3D Functional Movement scan: