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Full Body 3D Scan

Ideal to manage body change, postural alignment, balance and spot areas of potential health risk using proven identifiers such as waist:hip ratios.


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Full Body 3D Scan (Fit3D)

The Fit3D analysis is quick and effective to provide very accurate and reliable measurements of your limb and torso circumferences and is completely non-intrusive.  Additional reports highlight personal posture and balance plus differences in your body from left to right i.e. a larger left thigh that right which in turn allows for more focused function and fitness program development.

The scan takes just 40 seconds however you will need to strip to a comfortable level of clothing to ensure the very best and most accurate results.  Snug underwear is best or sports bra and compression shorts…the lesser the better.  Your scan will be done in complete privacy and a GPTQA accredited staff member will be available to assist in the technology and delivery of the scan.

Basically, stand still for 40 seconds and the system does the rest.  There is nothing intrusive in Fit3D scanning with a slowly rotating platform, handles for stability and a motion camera that does its thing on its own.

This scan will provide you with the following results:

  • Postural analysis (tilt forwards and backwards, shift left and right)
  • External circumference measurements (neck, bust/chest, waist, hips, biceps, forearms, thighs and calves)
  • Waist to hip ratio

An example of a full body 3D scan: