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The EyeGuide ocular tracker provides a quick 10 second assessment in a controlled environment and is used to baseline or determine change from a baseline on a client in the situation of a head-knock, injury or expected symptoms of concussion.


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EyeGuide is a simple, fast and non-invasive eye test that captures objective data to better understand your brain health.  By gathering valuable data about the brain in just 10 seconds, you can better understand how sporting incidents, fatigue and other factors may affect the brain.

The actual scan takes just 10 seconds however under our verified and safe GPTQA conditions we make sure you are settled and prepared for an efficient and accurate experience.  Your scan will be done in complete privacy and a GPTQA accredited staff member will be available to assist in the technology and delivery of the scan.

Basically, place your chin on the rest and head against a retaining bar then track a white dot on the screen in a controlled pattern while the built-in camera records your eyes movement.  Quick and non-intrusive.

The result is provided as a data score and visual image that is compared to a stimulus when doing your baseline scan or against your baseline.  See example images below:


EXAMPLE: Baseline Scan

EXAMPLE: After Injury Scan

EXAMPLE: 1 Week After Injury Scan

EXAMPLE: 2 Weeks After Injury Scan

NOTE: This assessment does not diagnose concussion and should be used and interpreted by a trained and qualified medical professional and used in addition to other intervention to form any return to work or play program.