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A catalogue of products, services and resources for teachers and students to assist in engaging active living

Identify your purpose for testing children and make sure it is valid and reliable.  This moment is when positive habitual change will ignite their appetite for active living and a healthy life.

Our team are highly experienced in the physiology, psychology and sociology of holistic well-being and this begins with good practice.

Don’t fall into the old school trap of testing for testing sake.  The beep test isn’t an in indicator of good health or fitness so reach out and see how we can make your wellness tracking a positive experience for the teacher and student.

Graham Dudley

Founder & CEO

Wellness fatigue in people

A majority of schools in Australia still conduct de-motivating, disengaging “fitness testing” switching off up to 70% of students to active living.

  • 63% of Australians aged 18 and over are overweight or obese and education in schools is a key prevention
  • 1,200,000 Australian children are unreliably assessed in schools with no tracking of their results or intervention
  • The life expectancy of a boy born in 2016 is 80.4 years and 84.6 years for a girl
The wellness map

With great education and holistic intervention we can drive overwhelming positive outcomes in:

  • Improved phsychological health
  • Improved physical health
  • Improved productivity and learning
  • Decrease in sickness and illness
  • Decrease in injury
Wellness thumbs up solutions

1/3rd of adult life is spent at work.  We need to prepare them”

The $ figures

  • $170 billion+ spent annually on health.
  • 406,000 visits are made to a general practitioner (GP) on an average day in Australia.
  • Around 45% of Australians aged 16-85 will experience a mental illness in their life.
  • Schools globally are unsure of their data distribution routes risking privacy and security of student well-being data.


The benefits of proper fitness testing and tracking in schools

Promotes learning and positive attitudes

Reinforces engagement of student and staff well-being

Develop skills in goal setting, self-monitoring and self-testing

Motivates students, teachers and staff

Evaluating current fitness programs

Diagnosing fitness needs to facilitate individual exercise prescription and improvement

Identifying students athletic potential

Screening students for potential health issues

Objective guidance for injury prevention, rehabilitation and recovery

Fully virtual support available for home-based engagement

Exclusively assessing with Validity Consistency Reliability

Secure Personal Efficient Data Platform

The Global Wellness Tracking data management platform is secured to the highest levels for personal health and well-being privacy allowing long-term tracking of information even after you have completed education

Tracking tools


Daily wellness tracker


Personal analysis

Secure and private storage


Physical Literacy In Action

The No.1 Resource platform for schools, sporting clubs and communities supporting physical literacy in children.

HOW WE SUPPORT Schools Students Staff


My Mind Voyage

Mindfulness programs that are individualised for each staff member rather than the traditional “one-size-fits-all” approach.

  • My Inspiration Never Dies – My Mind Voyage interactive journal experience
  • Toolkits for anxiety, return to classroom, school exams and adaptation skills
  • The Chief Venture – Senior management, board member and executive team packages


Bike riding and exercise

Physical assessment, tracking and telehealth solutions aligned to professional allied health and physical literacy.

  • GPTQA accredited assessment services in motor skills, cognition, functional movement and fitness within the workplace
  • Engaging and personalised tracking applications for daily wellness and active living
  • Comprehensive exercise programs and resources developed by exercise physiologists and sport scientist
  • Social and virtual events for team and individual engagement


Data reports for talent identification

Data analytics that are ethical, secure and private for the individuals.

  • A platform that allows the individual to be agile in their physical literacy and educated in their status, development and opportunity for change
  • Reporting infrastructure that can provide deep analytics for inter-departmental performance through de-identified information
  • Staff can rest assured that any personal data is stored and managed securely and under globally recognised data privacy procedures
  • Consent driven platform for authenticity and validity

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