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RoxPro reaction, cognition and workout pods

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RoxPro sets

The science

RoxPro sets


Your smart training assistant with 3 ROX is perfect for any Sports, Fitness & Health Pros working with one-on-one training sessions. Create interactive training experiences for results plus fun. Train body & brain to improve your athlete’s reaction time, agility, speed, visual capabilities, coordination, and balance.

  • Light, sound and vibration cues: multi-sensory stimulation during the training
  • Balance feature: use immediate feedback for body balance assessment and training
  • Adjustable sensors: allow maximum tap accuracy
  • Easy-to-use: intuitive set-up, navigation, and customisation
  • Open tool: never prescriptive. 100% customizable according to specific needs
  • Tracking dashboard: cloud-based dashboard with export functionality
  • Super durable: strong construction makes the ROX resistant to any impact
  • Mobile tech: IoT connectivity and wireless charging for long-term use
  • Sports science-backed Programs: proprietary training methodology behind all the built-in
  • Programs Help center: multi-platform user support available

User-centric designed, intuitive use, and simple control.

  • 9+ Programs
  • 3 Taps & Go
  • Preset drills
  • Customised drills
  • Tracking dashboard
  • In-app help center
  • Community center
  • FREE for iOS and Android

Tech Features

  • Upala™ proprietary feature for body balance assessment and training
  • Conexxion™ proprietary technology for connectivity and up to 44 yd/ 40m reach
  • Grouping function to train with different groups at the same time
  • Wireless charging
  • Li-ion rechargeable batteries with 3-9 running hours
  • Touch power button
  • Hardware controlled by App
  • Touch, tap and motion sensors
  • Multicolor RGB LED lights for visual stimulation
  • Speaker for auditory stimulation
  • Vibration motor for tactile stimulation


  • Jet-Fighter material (Polycarbonate/ ABS)
  • Anti-shock construction
  • Water-repellent
  • Rubberised coating
  • Exclusive use of virgin raw materials


  • CE approved
  • FCC approved
  • GS approved adapter
ROXPro reaction and cognition rox set of 3

3 ROX kit includes charging plates, 6 x adapter, 3 x straps plus Rox Pro App – iOS & Android 

ROXPro 6 set of reaction and cognition ROX

6 ROX kit includes charging case, 1 x adapter with 4 USB ports, 1 x mesh bag, 6 x straps plus Rox Pro App – iOS & Android 

The science

The MSNP™ Training Methodology – Multi-Sensory NeuroPlasticity – training methodology is at the core of ROX Pro’s experience

ROX Pro’s MSNP™ training methodology is a unique combination of multi-sensory stimulation, gamified elements and randomised variation. This combination exposes the athlete or the patient to new training impulses and thus enables the preconditions for neuroplasticity.

Multi-sensory stimulation refers to the concept that the more senses are stimulated during an activity, the more effective the perceptual learning will be.

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to form and reform neural networks. Every repetition reinforces a neural pathway. These small changes, repeated frequently enough, lead to changes in the way the brain works, changing its structure as we experience, learn, and adapt. This is fundamental for the development of specific cognitive-motor skills and inner motivation.

With ROX Pro’s MSNP™ training new resources are added to a natural physical training, improving results and performance:


Multi-sensory stimulation develops specific cognitive-motor skills that lead to better results in the gym, higher performance on the field and faster recovery in therapy sessions.


Immediate performance feedback via the ROXPro App is the base for a gamified training experience. Athletes, clients and patients will work harder and with more motivation as they now can compete with each other and/or themselves.


Randomised variation of the lights and signals bring unlimited and unpredictable possibilities to every session, demanding complete focus on the exercise.


Within the MSNP™ training methodology, 8 target areas of cognitive-motor development have been identified, which, depending on the use scenario, impact on athletes’ or patients’ performance on the field, in the gym or in the therapist office. The MSNP™ training methodology applies to all sport specific training through the ROX Pro 9+ Programs. When preparing drills for a specific sport or use case according to the MSNP™ training methodology, sport-specific requirements on the 8 different target areas of cognitive-motor development are analysed and a requirement profile is developed. This requirement profile provides insights on which practical training areas to focus on.