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Exercise Programs and Workouts

Movement, function and fitness exercise programs

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What is the exercise program?

How do I subscribe?

Tracking your workouts

Affiliate program

What is the exercise program?

Let’s take a look at what will be available to you…

  • A range of pre-designed exercise workout sessions by our team of exercise physiologists, sport scientists and trainers with focus on:
    • Warm up
    • Mobility | Foundation
    • Activation | Foundation
    • Body Weight Exercises
    • Stability
    • Functional strength
    • Strength
    • Cardio
    • Cardio Strength
  • Video explainers to show you how to perform each exercise safely
  • Downloadable session PDF to track help plan and track your workout
  • Access to the Movement Library consisting of over 1,000 movement videos and protocols
How do I subscribe?
Exercise Programs and Workouts

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Tracking your workouts
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All movements detailed in the library can be tracked and assessed in the Global Wellness Tracking personal locker.

Affiliate program

Global Wellness Tracking offer affiliate benefits to gyms, coaches, personal trainers, allied health professionals and supporters of well-being.

As an affiliate, you can benefit from special rates and earning opportunities to enhance your clients experiences in physical and virtual health and wellness.

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